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Tructyre for your unique tyre management package

Contract flexibility

Tructyre do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to providing the right solution for our customers. We listen to you and then apply expertise, experience and data gained over 20 years of managing more than 12,000 vehicle and trailers in fleets from five to 300 plus. We consider the number of vehicles in your fleet, their different specifications, the way in which they are used, their operating requirements and locations. The result will be an individually tailored package as unique as your fleet.

Fleet tyre management contract flexibility

Tructyre recognise that you need flexibility. Consequently we’ll adapt to meet your needs. Think of our range of tyre management contracts as a pick’n’mix selection. Part of your fleet might be best served by a fixed cost contract, while another may be better served by a price per kilometre contract. We’ll mix and match the different contracts together across your fleet to build you the optimum package.

Fleet tyre management PPK Contract

Price per kilometre (PPK) contract

Widely used to enable you to treat your tyre maintenance as a fixed cost relative to your vehicle usage. A PPK tyre contract has the advantage that your tyre costs only increase as your mileage increases. This also keeps the accountants happy as tyre maintenance becomes a known fixed cost; assisting cash flow forecasting and management. PPK contracts are based on a minimum three years plus an optional fourth or fifth year.

Fixed cost purchase & maintenance contract

Fixed cost purchase and maintenance contract

We will work with you to understand your vehicle usage and tyre maintenance needs. Breaking the costs down into 12 monthly or four quarterly invoices. The tyre assets remain in your ownership.

Purchasing management contract

Purchasing management contract

Within the tyre purchase and management plan, we optimise your likely usage by applying our purchasing power and inventory control systems. You get a great deal on the initial purchase and guaranteed stock availability, as and when you need it.

Fixed cost breakdown call-out and repair contract

Fixed cost breakdown call-out and repair contract

Tructyre will work with you to understand your likely vehicle breakdown patterns and spread the costs over 12 monthly invoices.

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t: +44 (0)330 100 7707

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