Case Study

Company: Lucketts Travel
Sector: Travel
Fleet size: 130+ vehicles
Solution: Repair and Maintenance contract – PPK
Key benefits: Delivering on safety and cost targets Increased vehicle uptime
More productive use of time and staff
Up-to-date, accurate management data
Predictable monthly expenditure

Adding value for Lucketts Travel

Steve Luckett (Managing Director) and Mark Jordan (Engineering Director) give their views on the "Tructyre Effect"

With a reputation for service performance second to none, Lucketts Travel is a leading private and corporate coach hire company operating in the South of England, including London.

“We currently have 108 vehicles of varying sizes operating on local, national and European routes, together covering well over 6.5 million miles” explained Steve Luckett. “Even back in 1997 when we first started working with Tructyre we recognised that proactive tyre management would be the key to delivering our safety, vehicle uptime and cost targets”. Steve continued, “at first it felt a little odd not actually buying and owning a tyre, but almost immediately the benefits of a service that manages tyres from cradle to grave began to be felt”.

Mark Jordan took up the story. “Firstly, having Tructyre handle most things tyre related allows me to utilise my time and that of my people in a way that drives the performance of the fleet and in turn that of the business”. This is the best of both worlds, combining Tructyre’s expertise in tyre selection, maintenance and roadside response with Luckett’s award-winning coach operation.

Mark continued, “I like the fact that the service is unobtrusive. The Tructyre technicians have built relationships with myself and the team, and are

familiar with each vehicle and its history”. This amiliarity prevents issues becoming more serious.

"Communication is easier and when you have to carry children safely to school on time, a rapid response is essential to maintaining the Luckett Travel reputation."

Mark also appreciated the management information provided almost instantly by the Tructyre technicians using tablets to record tyre status. “It is a very useful insight into driving styles and route impact, and indicates opportunities to work with Tructyre to further reduce tyre attrition”.

Lucketts also utilises Tructyre’s tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) technology in its fleet, which further improves safety and reduces tyre attrition. For Steve, “having a predictable monthly payment helps with costing for tenders and larger pitches that ask for long term pricing schedules, which is a big plus”. Although the icing on the cake for Steve as a passenger fleet operator has to be the peace of mind that Tructyre provides by ensuring full tyre safety and environmental compliance as par

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