Case Study

Company: Poole Borough Council
Sector: Local government
Fleet size: 240+ vehicles
Solution: Repair and Maintenance contract – PPK
Key benefits: Maximised safety andvehicle uptime
Improved cost monitoring
Excellent service
Access to best practice guidance
Familiar technicians with insider knowledge

Meeting the challenges of tyre maintenance on a mixed public service fleet

Stuart Osman, Fleet Services Manager, Poole Borough Council

With its seasonal influx of holidaymakers and day visitors, Poole Borough Council public service fleet faces more challenges than most. Stuart Osman, Fleet Services Manager explains why.

“We currently have some 240 vehicles on our fleet including cars, vans, coaches, buses, gritter lorries and, in addition, at Poole Borough Council we have retained waste management service vehicles under our control. The fleet is rounded off with quad bikes and mopeds used to patrol beaches and other areas frequented by tourists.

The operating window for our fleet is slightly different as well, with waste collection and cleansing vehicles required to operate in the tourist areas late into the night, and early hours, to ensure all is clean for the next day. All in all, we have quite a mixture of vehicles and operating environments, which makes working with a company with the breadth of experience of Tructyre an essential factor in maximising levels of safety and vehicle uptime.”

A key member of Stuart’s team, John Burridge, Fleet Operations Officer, highlights why they were delighted when Tructyre won the tender for tyre management services.

"Firstly, the tender was deliberately weighted on service and the Tructyre team continue to impress us with their excellent response times and ease of communication with their technicians, office staff and contract management."

“Also of great value is that Tructyre’s management information is now tied into our own system. Apart from providing additional cost monitoring, this provides real insight into where tyre attrition is occurring; be it a specific route, vehicle or driver issue or even a tyre type mismatch or batch issue.”

Stuart describes his need as a public authority manager to always be seen to be operating best practice, and here again the Tructyre connection helps. Not only do the technicians follow published best practice, but Tructyre makes available online relevant certification and procedures.

Both agreed the Tructyre technicians that regularly visited Poole Borough Council sites deliver excellent service. John described them as well trained and equipped, familiar faces as “Tructyre seem to hang-on to their people. This familiarity really adds value; technicians get to know the vehicles, routes and depots and there are never compliance issues”.

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