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Contract flexibility

Tructyre for your unique tyre management package

Contract flexibility

Tructyre do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to providing the right solution for our customers. We listen carefully to understand your objectives, the number and specification of vehicles and trailers in the fleet, what they carry and where they operate. Only then can we apply our combined expertise, gained over the past 22 years managing diverse fleets. The result will be an individually tailored tyre fleet management package that is unique and fits your fleet perfectly.

Contract flexibility

Tructyre recognise that you need flexibility. Consequently, we’ll adapt to meet your needs. Think of our range of mobile truck tyre services as a pick’n’mix selection. Essential parts of your fleet could be best served by a repair and maintenance contract, with secondary vehicles serviced under a simple pay as you use basis. We’ll mix and match different contract types across your fleet to build you the optimum package.

Repair and Maintenance contracts

With a Tructyre Repair and Maintenance (R & M) contract we take full control of your fleet's tyres – so you can focus on running your business. These contracts cover the cost of replacement tyres, comprehensive proactive tyre maintenance, 24 hour rapid roadside assistance and much more for your entire vehicle fleet. Our commercial team work with you to understand your total kilometres and associated tyre costs over the three to five year contract period. You can then choose from:

Price per kilometre (PPK)

These treat your tyres as a variable cost relative to your vehicle usage. This has the advantage that your tyre costs vary according to the utilisation of your fleet. You pay variable monthly invoices that amount to the contract total over the agreed term. Or a

Fixed cost purchase and maintenance

With this method you pay for your tyres with equal monthly payments that are conveniently fixed for the agreed term.

Both options keep your accountants happy as you only pay for the tyres as they're earning you revenue; assisting your cash flow management. The result for your fleet is the best possible uptime and carefree ownership.

Purchasing management contract

Within the tyre purchase and management plan, we optimise your likely tyre requirements through our inventory control systems. As one of the largest multi-brand tyre providers, our purchasing power means we are able to pass on our savings to you. And with over 20,000 tyres in stock across our warehouses and 25 service centres, you have guaranteed stock availability as and when you need it.

Fixed cost rapid roadside assistance contract

Tructyre will guarantee the cost of roadside assistance for a 12-month period. You will only pay when you use our commercial tyre breakdown service at agreed price levels. Our average arrival time is just 50 minutes – day or night (2015-17 average). This class-leading performance is faster than other 24 hour tyre breakdown services and 44%-58% faster than Industry KPIs (90 minutes daytime and 120 minutes at night).

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Our Repair and Maintenance contracts can include

  • Original equipment tyre specification
  • Replacement new and retread tyre purchase
  • Proactive tyre maintenance
    – tyre pressure correction
    – thorough tread wear and tyre damage inspection
    – wheel rotation
    – turning on the rim
    – twinning
    – regrooving
    – casing management
  • 24 hour rapid roadside assistance
  • Wheel security systems
  • Tructrak laser alignment
  • TyreWatch TPMS
  • Lightweight truck alloys and replacement steel wheels
  • Management reporting
  • Asset management
  • Lease vehicle return management
  • Environmental disposal
  • Cradle to grave management

t: +44 (0)330 100 7707

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