Tructyre ATS Business Planning for COVID-19

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Safety & Security statement

Update at 4th June 2020

We would like to reassure customers that Tructyre ATS remains open during this difficult time and is focused on providing the best possible service to customers. We have robust stock levels and a good coverage of staff across the country, ensuring that the UK’s fleets get to where they need to be, quickly and safely.

Tructyre ATS has worked safely throughout the crisis, but in light of the new government advice issued in May to help businesses return to work, we have reviewed and updated our risk assessments. In addition, we have written a new Covid-19 Safety and Security Policy. This policy covers safe working for employees, customers and suppliers.

We continue to monitor the situation regularly and will adapt accordingly should government advice change.

Effective husbandry could be of real value to your fleet, and Tructyre ATS will continue to support your fleet’s mobility throughout this period. It may be prudent to engage us earlier than your current planned maintenance schedules to ensure that your fleet is in the best condition to deliver for your customers, wherever possible. Please let us know if we can help you during this challenging time.

Download our Covid-19 Safety and Security Policy.

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