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Lowering environmental impact

We consider our impact on the environment in everything we do. We have developed policies that minimise attrition, extend service life and reduce energy use.

Extending service life whilst minimising fuel burn and carbon emissions

One of our core skillsets is tyre life maximisation. We proactively apply our experience to ensure your truck tyres will perform optimally for each application. Naturally, to lower your impact on the environment we aim for the lowest possible rolling resistance, a 10% reduction here will reduce fuel burn by 3%. This is Tructyre's first step to achieve the longest possible service life.

We then extend service life with our expert proactive maintenance, comprising: tyre pressure correction, thorough tread wear and tyre damage inspection, wheel rotation, turning on the rim and twinning, regrooving and alignment checks. These are proven to minimise tyre wear, and should an issue be detected it can be fixed before it escalates, preventing premature replacement.

Additionally, tyres operating below the pressure recommended for the axle load produce more friction and rolling resistance. This increases fuel burn and carbon emissions – as well accelerating tyre wear and potentially leading to sudden failure.

Our technicians are fully-trained to regroove premium multi-life tyres, to extend service life by up to 15% without compromising safety or performance. Then, we send these commercial vehicle tyres for environmentally responsible retreading – giving them up to four further lives.

RE-TRAK retread tyres

Our RE-TRAK range of commercial retread tyres are good for the environment. Typically, every RE-TRAK tyre in the most popular size saves 68 litres of oil, 44kg of rubber and 182kg of carbon dioxide compared to a new premium tyre. There are no compromises either. RE-TRAK tyres deliver similar performance to a new tyre and are equally safe – they just cost a fraction of the price. And as you'd expect, they can be regrooved to maximise service life.

End of life tyre disposal

All our policies are designed to ensure your tyres last for the longest possible time. However, when they do finally wear out, we minimise the effect on the environment. Working with carefully selected tyre recycling partners, over 95% of every tyre is recycled; from the manufacture of tyre-derived fuels, to products such as man-made sport surfaces, playground flooring, road construction and sealants.

ISO 14001 certified

Tructyre are proud to have a structured process for lowering our environmental impact, including the best use of resources and the reduction of pollution. We pursue a programme of continuous improvement and are committed to ensuring a more sustainable future.

Tructyre service vehicles

Naturally we apply good principles to our operating methods. To achieve our class-leading roadside support we use advanced GPS technology to route jobs to the closest technician. With 130 technicians and 25 service centres across the South we minimise road-miles as help is never far away, and as a responsible employer we reward economic driving. Our modern fleet of service vehicles are all EU5 or EU6 compliant and scrupulously maintained on a full R & M contract by the manufacturer's service agents.

The technology we specify is also carefully selected. The new Winton compressors deliver the constant air pressure necessary to remove, refit and inflate HGV tyres. Operationally this new design only increases engine revs when air is needed; reducing our fuel consumption by over 11.7% in the field.

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