Lowering environmental impact

We have developed policies and practices that minimise attrition, extend service life and reduce energy use. Tructyre ATS carefully consider your impact on the environment and communities in everything we do.

Less tyres, less fuel, lower carbon emissions

One of our core skillsets is tyre life maximisation. Our unique hands-on experience as the nation’s leading multi-brand specialists has provided an invaluable insight into each manufacturer’s real-world tyre reliability and performance. Tructyre ATS will work impartially and proactively to ensure your truck tyres achieve the maximum service life, reliability and performance. Naturally, we also aim for the lowest possible rolling resistance – a 10% reduction improves fuel efficiency by 3%.

Whatever manufacturers tyres your fleet runs, Tructyre ATS are dedicated to expert proactive maintenance, comprising: tyre pressure correction, thorough tread wear and tyre damage inspection, wheel rotation, turning on the rim and twinning, regrooving and alignment checks. These are proven to identify and proactively rectify many issues before they escalate, preventing premature replacement and minimising tyre wear.

Additionally, tyres operating at the correct pressure experience less friction and rolling resistance – lowering fuel consumption, carbon emissions and tyre wear. Plus the commercial vehicle’s handling, braking and stability are also optimised.

  • Regroove to extend service life

    Our tyre technicians are fully trained to regroove every brand of multi-life commercial tyre – extending tyre service life by as much as 15% without any compromise on safety or performance.

  • RE-TRAK retread tyres – a new lease of life

    Our own RE-TRAK range of commercial retread tyres are good for the environment. Typically, every RE-TRAK tyre saves 68 litres of oil, 44 kg of rubber and 182 kg of carbon dioxide – compared with a new tyre. They also deliver at least a 1% reduction in fuel consumption compared with budget single-life tyre. And as you would expect, they are designed to be regrooved and given one more retread life.

  • Tructrak wheel alignment

    Our specialist mobile truck alignment team use sophisticated laser technology to realign your axles to the manufacturer’s factory specification. Maintaining correct axle alignment significantly reduces rolling resistance – lowering fuel consumption by around 10% and tyre wear by up to 50%.

  • End of life tyre disposal

    All Tructyre ATS policies are designed to ensure your tyres achieve the longest possible service life. However, when they do finally wear out we work to minimise their effect on the environment. Over 95% of every tyre is recycled – from the manufacture of tyre-derived fuels, to products such as man-made sport surfaces, playground flooring, road construction and sealants.

Our environmentally principled operating methods

As a responsible company, we apply high principles to our own operating methods. To achieve our rapid roadside support, the Tructyre ATS technician closest to your breakdown is assigned and despatched to your location. With a team of over 550 skilled tyre technicians working from 70 strategically located service centres across the country, we minimise road miles as help is always close at hand. Our modern fleet of service vehicles are all EU5 or EU6 compliant and scrupulously maintained on a full manufacturer’s R & M contract.

The technology we specify for our mobile truck tyre service is carefully selected. The light-weight engine-mounted compressors deliver air pressure to remove, refit and inflate tyres. The engine speed is only increased when pressure is needed, reducing fuel consumption in operation. We reward economic and courteous driving.

ISO 14001 certified

Tructyre ATS are proud to have structured policies and practices to lower our environmental impact, including the best use of resources and the reduction of pollution. We pursue a rigorous programme of continuous improvement and are committed to ensuring a more sustainable future.

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