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Maximising vehicle uptime

We recognise the cost and inconvenience of a breakdown to you. When one of your vehicles is out of service, it's more than just a headache for you and for your customers. That's why Tructyre are dedicated to making sure your fleet is kept mobile.

Expertise in tyre selection

Since 1996, Tructyre have fitted a wide range of truck tyres to an even wider range of vehicles. As a multi-brand specialist, our years of experience have provided an invaluable insight into tyre performance. This enables us to offer truly impartial advice to recommend the best tyre for every application. Whatever fleet you operate, our recommendations promise your tyres will deliver.

Proactive maintenance

Whatever tyres you run, we are dedicated to proactive maintenance to maximise your vehicle uptime. During scheduled downtime, our technicians will regularly perform a detailed inspection including: tyre pressure correction, thorough tread wear and tyre damage inspection, wheel rotation, turning on the rim and twinning, regrooving and alignment checks. Our expert tyre maintenance will fix many issues before they escalate and is proven to reduce the number of roadside breakdowns.

For the pinnacle in maximising uptime, we're proud to recommend TyreWatch the market-leading tyre pressure monitoring system. TyreWatch continuously analyses your commercial vehicle tyres and will predict problems before they escalate, minimising downtime and potentially saving the tyre.

Rapid roadside support

With the condition of our roads continuing to deteriorate, levels of debris increasing, and congestion leading to accidental kerbing – incidents of tyre damage can still happen at any time. The truth is, your fleet's tyres remain the most common cause of avoidable roadside failure. That’s why Tructyre provide rapid roadside support to get you mobile as quickly as possible. Our average arrival time is just 50 minutes – day or night (2015-17 average). This performance is faster than other 24 hour tyre breakdown services and 44%-58% faster than Industry KPIs (90 minutes daytime and 120 minutes at night).

We maximise vehicle uptime and all our challenges thanks to our dedicated team of over 130 skilled technicians. Operating from 25 service centres, each technician is directly employed by Tructyre and has a fully equipped service vehicle. With our investments in technology jobs are routed to the nearest technician with information on the job, the location and the fastest route to get there. Together, we work hard to keep over 12,000 vehicles and trailers mobile.

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t: +44 (0)330 100 7707

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