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Re-Trak retread tyres from Tructyre

RE-TRAK – the best value tyres for your fleet

At Tructyre, we understand that your fleet operating costs are constantly under the spotlight. That’s why our recommendations deliver the best value possible – not just the lowest ticket price.

With over 20 years as independent tyre specialist, Tructyre has fitted and maintained a wide range of tyres on a diverse selection of vehicles. This experience has provided an invaluable analysis of running costs, the results of which are conclusive.

Our best value recommendation starts with tyres designed and manufactured to more exacting standards by the global premium brands. These tyres are engineered for multiple lives to deliver the longest operational service. At the end of their first life our highly-trained technicians will regroove them to extend service by a further 15%. Next, we remould the tyre casing with our RE-TRAK retread solution – which deliver similar performance, are equally safe, but cost a fraction of the price. RE-TRAK tyres are also designed to be regrooved. Both tyres deliver at least a 1% reduction in fuel burn compared to less efficient single-life tyres.

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We can illustrate this in practise with a representative case study for the drive wheels on a 6x2 tractor. A fleet operator requires each tractor to cover around 106,000 kilometres per annum, for a total of six years. Using single-life budget tyres, they would need to buy eight tyres per drive wheel to achieve the total distance of 636,000 kilometres. The price in tyres and fuel to achieve this, totals £2.20 per 1,000 kilometres per wheel. With the Tructyre best value recommendation, you would need just three tyres per drive wheel, at a total cost of just £1.33 per 1,000 kilometres – a saving of 39%.

Lowest Ticket Price for retread truck tyres

Our recommendation is good for the environment too. You will save the resources needed to manufacture 20 new tyres – saving 544 litres of oil, 352kg of rubber and 1,458kg of carbon dioxide in total. With the improved fuel efficiency reducing fuel burn by 456 gallons.

RE-TRAK retread truck tyre savings

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* This operating cost illustration is based on a regional distribution business. The business own their fleet of tractor units and operates them for 6 years. The 6x2 tractors have 480-500bhp, air suspension and run standard 295/80 22.5 tyres on their drive axles. They cover around 106,000km per annum pulling trailers with a gross weight of 44 tonnes, achieving an average of 9.4mpg. This illustration is calculated on the full-life cost for four drive wheels including service on one tractor.

No Quibble Guarantee

RE-TRAK no quibble guarantee

We’re so confident in the quality, performance and life-span of our RE-TRAK tyres that we proudly offer the RE-TRAK No Quibble Guarantee.

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RE-TRAK Tyre benefits

  • 35% cheaper than new premium tyres
  • Designed for the longest operational service life
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Safe and environmentally responsible
  • Benefit from our No Quibble Guarantee
  • All models are EC Regulation 109 approved
RE-TRAK retread truck tyres

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