The RE-TRAK No Quibble Guarantee

Tructyre ATS have made sure that RE-TRAK tyres are the best, most reliable and hard-wearing retread tyres available on the market today.

We’re so confident about this, that we proudly offer the RE-TRAK No Quibble Guarantee. This guarantees that should any RE-TRAK tyre be removed from service due to a manufacturing defect then Tructyre ATS will replace the tyre free of charge.

Re-Trak tyre guarantee

Terms & Conditions

The RE-TRAK tyre must have:

  • been fitted by Tructyre ATS or a Tructyre ATS Approved Service Provider
  • more than 4mm tread depth remaining across 75% of the tread width for the entire circumference
  • only been repaired by Tructyre ATS or a Tructyre ATS Approved Service Provider
  • not been regrooved

The replacement RE-TRAK tyre will be fitted during normal working hours.

Due to our policy of continual improvement, should an exact replacement not be possible we reserve the right to offer an alternative.

This guarantee applies only to businesses and is not transferable with ownership of the vehicle.

At our discretion, RE-TRAK tyres which we deem to be damaged by improper use, such as: used at the incorrect pressure; run flat following a puncture; suffered mechanical damage from kerbing, overloading or other improper use; used on a vehicle with a mechanical defect that caused the damage; any criminal or malicious action; or vandalism are specifically excluded from cover under this guarantee.

We reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions of this guarantee at any time.

Benefits of RE-TRAK retread tyres
  • 35% cheaper than new premium tyres
  • Designed for the longest service life
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Safe and environmentally responsible
  • Benefit from our No Quibble Guarantee
  • All models are EC Regulation 109 approved

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