Reducing operating costs

We recognise that your fleet operating costs are constantly under the spotlight. That’s why Tructyre ATS always recommend the best tyre for every job, and perform proactive maintenance to maximise performance and service life.

The best tyres for the job

As the nation’s leading multi-brand commercial tyre specialist, Tructyre ATS benefit from an invaluable insight into each manufacturer’s real-world tyre service life. This unique hands-on experience enables us to offer truly impartial advice and specify the best value commercial tyres for your business.

Our experience will deliver the lowest cost of ownership across your fleet. Every vehicle can run tyres selected from different manufacturers, best suited to the exacting demands of the axle and your operation. That’s why Tructyre ATS are committed to multi-life tyres engineered to the highest standards. You benefit from at least a 1% reduction in fuel consumption, and the longest service life with closely managed regroove and retread cycles. Multi-life tyres will return a better investment compared with lower priced single-life tyres. And our nationwide purchasing power means we pass significant savings on to you.

Proactive maintenance at your premises

Whatever tyres you run, Tructyre ATS are dedicated to proactive maintenance to minimise your fleet operating costs. Our highly trained technicians will regularly perform scheduled tyre inspections, covering: tyre pressure correction, thorough tread wear and tyre damage inspection, wheel rotation, turning on the rim and twinning, regrooving and alignment checks.

This expert proactive fleet tyre management will identify and rectify many issues before they escalate, and this is proven to reduce operating costs by:

  • maximising the service life of your tyres
  • minimising fuel burn and carbon emissions
  • reducing the number of roadside breakdowns

Reducing your cost of ownership

  • Regroove to extend service life

    Our tyre technicians are fully trained to regroove every brand of multi-life commercial tyre – extending tyre service life by as much as 15% without any compromise on safety or performance.

  • RE-TRAK retread tyres – a new lease of life

    We drive down costs with environmentally-responsible retreading – giving your multi-life tyres two further lives. Our own RE-TRAK range of retread tyres give performance similar to a new premium tyre, but for a fraction of the cost. There are no compromises on performance or safety, RE-TRAK tyres are compliant to the EC 109 Standard.

  • Tructrak wheel alignment

    Our specialist mobile truck alignment team use sophisticated laser technology to realign your axles to the manufacturers’ factory specification. Maintaining correct axle alignment significantly reduces rolling resistance – lowering fuel consumption by around 10% and tyre wear by up to 50%.

  • Speedline Truck Alloy Wheels

    Tructyre ATS are the UK’s leading supplier of Speedline Truck Alloy Wheels. Their lightweight range of durable HGV alloy wheels offer your vehicles improved fuel efficiency and higher payloads.

One nationwide roadside support service 24/7/365

We understand that saving time really matters when you need a 24 hour tyre breakdown service. Less time spent at the side of the road means your vehicles continue their journey sooner, reducing the costs to your business.

The Tructyre ATS technician closest to your breakdown is assigned and despatched with specific information on the job and your location. We always endeavour to bring the correct replacement tyre just in case we cannot repair your tyre at the roadside. Our ambitious call-out target time, using our joined-up nationwide service, is to beat other networked 24 hour tyre breakdown services. With the peace of mind that one roadside support provider, with one high level of industry compliance, gives to your fleet as it delivers nationwide.

The TyreWatch monitoring service continuously analyses your commercial vehicle tyres. It is engineered to detect problems before they become obvious at visual inspection or scheduled maintenance. What might have escalated requiring premature tyre replacement, is now instantly visible and can be safely repaired with the minimum of cost and downtime.

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