How are Speedline Truck wheels made?

Speedline Truck are part of the well-known Ronal Group, who worldwide produce close to 20 million wheels every year. The Speedline Truck division was founded to design, engineer and manufacture high quality alloy wheels specifically for commercial vehicles.

Manufactured and tested to exacting standards

Speedline Truck wheels are forged from a solid block of T6061 aluminium alloy. The forging process heats the alloy billet and presses it into a frisbee shape preform; requiring forces of up to 12,000 kgs. Then rollers apply pressure on the flange until the desired height and thickness of wheel rim is achieved. Next, high-precision machining and drilling processes the wheels’ features and dresses the surface. This heating, pressure and curing process delivers extremely uniform wheels with higher concentricity than steel wheels. With no welds or joins to weaken the engineering integrity, they are much stronger, more durable and considerably lighter than either steel or cast-aluminium wheels.

Every Speedline Truck wheel design has been tested under load for the equivalent of 1.5 million kilometres. This commitment to excellence explains why they hold TÜV Certification and the German ABE License for the replacement market. The 22.5” wheels also hold Eurocycle Approval for Truck OEM fitment. Manufactured to consistently high, quality approved standards, they benefit from a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty.

Cleaning and maintenance

To keep your wheels in the best condition, it is advisable to wash them frequently. When they are cool, rinse them with a high-pressure washer, wash them with a sponge using a non-alkaline truck detergent, and rinse again. The high brilliance level can be recovered and maintained by using polish paste products with a low level of abrasion.

wheel manufacture
wheel manufacture

There is a Speedline Truck Wheel to suit everyone’s needs

  • Designed for use on trucks, tractors, coaches and trailers
  • Available in eight sizes from 17.5” x 6.75” to 22.5” x 13”
  • Designed for payloads of 2,500 kg to 5,800 kg
  • Four bolt hole diameters 24mm, 26mm, 30mm, 32mm
  • Choose from Diamond finish and Mirror finish

Benefits of Speedline Truck Alloy Wheels

  • Corrosion-resistant T6061 aluminium alloy
  • Forged wheels are significantly stronger
  • Up to 45% lighter than conventional steel wheels
  • Maximum industry load requirements met or exceeded
  • Reduced fuel consumption due to lower weight
  • Extended brake and tyre life through improved heat dissipation
  • The most attractive wheel designs on the market
  • 5-year unlimited mileage warranty
  • All models are TÜV-approved


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