FIVE reasons to choose Speedline Truck Alloy Wheels


Stronger, better, maintenance free

Speedline Truck Alloy Wheels are made from T6061 aluminium alloy which is forged into shape. This method provides a one-piece wheel which is significantly stronger than steel, and therefore able to carry a heavier payload. With no welds or seams to weaken the engineering integrity, the wheels are stronger and more resilient to road damage. Should a vehicle hit a kerb then a Speedline Truck wheel would be significantly less likely to suffer any compression damage, compared with a conventional steel wheel.

Similarly, routine maintenance is also reduced as the alloy is naturally a highly corrosion-resistant material. With steel wheels, when the surface becomes chipped from road debris it is necessary to periodically repaint them.


Higher payload potential

Whatever size steel wheel you currently run, the equivalent Speedline Truck alloy will carry a higher payload. For example, a Speedline Truck wheel in the size of 22.5” x 9” is tested to carry around 250 kg more. But not only do they carry the highest payloads possible, they're also incredibly light. The same Speedline Truck wheel can weigh just 23.7 kg – over 17 kg lighter or some 42% less.

You can convert the saved wheel weight into additional payload, no matter what type of vehicle you run. With total savings of between 90 kg to 270 kg per vehicle – over time, your new wheels will pay for themselves with the additional payload carried, and the reduced number of journeys needed.


Improved fuel efficiency

We all recognise that a lighter vehicle needs less effort to move. Fitting Speedline Truck Alloy Wheels to your vehicle will reduce its weight and deliver a reduction in fuel consumption. Additionally, thanks to the better concentricity, or roundness, of forged alloy wheels they also enjoy less rolling resistance compared with conventional steel wheels. Real-life tests have shown that after fitting Speedline Truck Alloys, you can expect to reduce fuel consumption by a minimum of 1%, with some sectors enjoying reductions of 2%.

In line with our commitment to lower environmental impact, we're proud to recommend Speedline Truck Alloys for their positive contribution towards reducing CO2 emissions from commercial vehicle fleets.


Lower maintenance costs

Excessive heat is the enemy of the brakes and tyres on your commercial vehicles. Here, Speedline Truck Alloys will increase the service life of these components, as aluminium is over three times more heat conductive in comparison with steel. By dissipating heat away, they operate at a lower temperature which can extend their service life by over 15%.

Additionally, the better concentricity of Speedline Truck wheels allow them to roll more smoothly than the standard fit steel wheels. This reduces one cause of vibration, which in turn reduces the wear on wheel bearings and suspension components.


Best visual appearance

We can all recognise the commercial advantages of Speedline Truck Alloys, but for some markets we know that their good looks are simply crucial. To ensure they contribute to making the best visual appearance for your vehicles, Speedline's design team works hard to ensure they are the most attractive wheels on the market.

Manufactured from corrosion-resistant aluminium, they will look great for the longest time possible; typically up to 20 years. When you choose to sell your vehicle, you will also be rewarded with a significant return on your original investment; up to 50% in some cases.

There is a Speedline Truck Wheel to suit everyone’s needs

  • Designed for use on trucks, tractors, coaches and trailers
  • Available in eight sizes from 17.5” x 6.75” to 22.5” x 13”
  • Designed for payloads of 2,500 kg to 5,800 kg
  • Four bolt hole diameters 24mm, 26mm, 30mm, 32mm
  • Choose from Diamond finish and Mirror finish

Benefits of Speedline Truck Alloy Wheels

  • Corrosion-resistant T6061 aluminium alloy
  • Forged wheels are significantly stronger
  • Up to 45% lighter than conventional steel wheels
  • Maximum industry load requirements met or exceeded
  • Reduced fuel consumption due to lower weight
  • Extended brake and tyre life through improved heat dissipation
  • The most attractive wheel designs on the market
  • 5-year unlimited mileage warranty
  • All models are TÜV-approved

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