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Tructrak wheel alignment

Tructrak laser wheel alignment

Tructyre ATS have invested heavily in Tructrak – our specialist division dedicated to on-site commercial wheel alignment. Tructrak’s highly trained and experienced technicians use sophisticated laser technology to realign your axles to the manufacturer’s factory specification.

Wheels become out of alignment for a variety of reasons: our road surfaces are continuing to deteriorate, levels of debris are increasing, the wheel may have nudged the kerb, or the vehicle may regularly run off-road.

If your vehicle’s wheels are misaligned, the engine has to work harder to overcome the increased rolling resistance. This has an adverse effect on both the tyres and fuel consumption, with increased stress delivered to mechanical components. Safety is also compromised if the driver has to constantly steer to keep a straight line.

Our skilled technicians first correct tyre pressure and perform a thorough tread wear and tyre damage inspection. Then with sophisticated and regularly calibrated laser technology, we accurately align your steering axles and trailer axles to the manufacturer’s factory specification. Our comprehensive mobile truck alignment service includes: puncture repair, wheel rotation, turning on the rim and twinning, and regrooving if required. All designed to ensure we do everything possible to reduce friction and minimise tyre wear.

How often should Tructrak perform truck alignment? The Department of Transport recommends the best practice is to have a truck alignment once a year. Should our proactive tyre maintenance detect uneven tyre wear, it’s time to carry out an on-site wheel alignment. We also recommend an inspection when we fit new tyres, to ensure you receive the maximum return on your investment.

How misalignment affects performance

Steered axles – incorrect toe-in/toe-out

If the toe-settings are out of tolerance, the results are:

  • poor steering quality
  • longer breaking distances
  • irregular tyre wear on the inner or outer shoulders
  • increased rolling resistance
  • fuel consumption increases up to 4.5%
steered axles wheel alignment problems

Trailer axles – out of square

A trailer with axles out of square will require constant correction to the steering as well as taking extra road width.

Out of square axles produce:

  • increased driver fatigue
  • increased mechanical wear and tear on the suspension
  • increased rolling resistance
  • irregular tyre wear on the inner or outer shoulders
  • fuel consumption increases up to 18.5%
trailer axles wheel alignment problems

Benefits of correct truck wheel alignment are:

  • Maximised tyre life
    Tyre life is reduced by up to 50% with a 0.5° misalignment
  • Reducing fuel usage
    On a single axle, a 1º misalignment could increase consumption by as much as 5%. With all axles aligned correctly, consumption can typically be reduced by more than 10%
  • Reduced carbon emissions
    The engine has to work harder to overcome the increased friction caused by misalignment
  • Improved driver comfort and safety
    Driving a vehicle that requires constant steering to keep in a straight line causes increased driver fatigue
  • Less stress on mechanical components
    Wheels incorrectly aligned fight each other, causing irregular tread wear on the tyre shoulders, and mechanical stress to the axles and steering systems
  • Reduced risk of tyres overheating
    With increased rolling resistance tyres operate at higher temperatures than normal
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