Tyrewatch TPMS

TyreWatch saves your business time and money

Carefully audited customer surveys report that TyreWatch prevents up to 95% of tyre related breakdowns. All at a price starting at just 74 pence per vehicle per day. That’s a significant return on your investment – plus your business benefits from lower fuel consumption, reduced tyre wear and minimise carbon emissions.

Predict and prevent potential tyre failure

With the condition of the national road network continuing to deteriorate, levels of debris increasing, and traffic congestion leading to accidental kerbing – incidents of tyre damage can happen at any time. Your vehicle’s tyres remain the most common cause of roadside failure. The TyreWatch monitoring service will minimise these risks in your fleet.

Stay one step ahead with routine maintenance

Running tyres at incorrect pressures is a serious, yet often underestimated, drain on resources. As friction is increased, fuel consumption and carbon emissions are also increased, and crucially the service life of the tyres is significantly reduced. More importantly, the vehicle’s handling, braking and stability are also adversely affected. TyreWatch will save you time and money with ‘digital servicing by exception’ – optimising your fleet’s performance.

Amount of under-inflation Wasted fuel Increased tyre wear
10% +1% +10%
20% +2% +30%
30% +4% +45%

TyreWatch case study

A car logistics operator requires that their 14 wheel transporters cover around 54,000 kilometres per annum, for a total of five years. Due to their un-aerodynamic shape these vehicles achieve an average of just 6.8mpg. With TyreWatch installed, each transporter benefited from a 2% reduction in fuel consumption by running tyres at the correct pressures. They also reduced the cost of tyres damaged prematurely through run-flat damage and the cost of unscheduled downtime compared with historical spend; thanks to TyreWatch predicting and preventing potential tyre failure.

TyreWatch predictive tyre management will save the operator over £7,500 per transporter over the five year period.

Benefits of TyreWatch

  • Continuously monitor and analyse your fleet’s tyres
  • Inform you of routine maintenance requirements
  • Predict and prevent potential tyre failure

Additionally, it will

  • Maximise vehicle uptime
  • Improve road safety for everyone
  • Increase tyre service life
  • Reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions
  • Optimise tyre maintenance

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